Reeling in Aussie Bass with 6thSense Panorama 2.0" and 2.8": A Finesse Fishing Technique

Reeling in Aussie Bass with 6thSense Panorama 2.0

G'day, mates! Welcome to our new blog post where we dive deep into the thrilling pursuit of fishing for Australian Bass. If you're a keen angler or a newbie looking to get your line wet, this is just the read for you. We'll be focusing on finesse fishing and the use of top-tier lures like the 6thSense Panorama 2.0" and 2.8".

In this yarn, we'll explore the features that make these lures a fair dinkum favourite among Aussie bass. We'll also discuss the three best colour choices that will have these fish biting. Plus, we'll reveal the two optimal ways to use your 6thSense Panorama for finesse fishing.

But wait, there's more! We'll guide you on the perfect spots to cast your lure from the river bank, and share the prime times of day to reel in an Australian bass. We'll even delve into their feeding habits and why they're drawn to the 6thSense Panorama lures.

So, sit tight as we prepare to cast off on this informative fishing adventure. You're in for a ripper of a read!

Understanding 6thSense Panorama Lure

When it comes to fishing, the right lure can make all the difference. One such game-changer is the 6thSense Panorama lure. This particular lure can be classified as a swimbait, more specifically as a swim shad or paddling bait. These types of lures are designed to resemble small fish in both movement and appearance, making them especially effective when you're on the hunt for predatory species like Australian bass.

What sets the Panorama variant from 6thSense apart from the crowd is its innovative, realistic body design. It doesn't just look like a typical small fish; it moves like one too. Thanks to its perfect plastic consistency, this lure exhibits fluid movement in the water, regardless of how you rig it. This versatility makes it an excellent choice for any angler looking to up their game and reel in that big catch. So if you're keen on finesse fishing in Aussie waters, give the 6thSense Panorama lure a go!

Why 6thSense Panorama is the Top Choice for Australian Bass Fishing

If you're keen on bagging an Aussie bass, the 6thSense Panorama, available in both 2.0" and 2.8" sizes, is the business. Here are three unique features that set this lure apart:

Lifelike Body Design

The Panorama's body design is a ripper. It's not just realistic; it's incredibly lifelike, mimicking the movement of natural prey in water, no matter how you use it. This is a game-changer when it comes to attracting Aussie bass, who are fooled into thinking they've found themselves a feed.

Perfect Plastic Consistency

The Panorama's perfect plastic consistency is another top-notch feature. It allows the lure to move fluidly, adapting to different water conditions. This versatility means it can be used in a variety of settings, increasing your chances of landing a bass.

Realistic Paint Schemes

Lastly, the Panorama's realistic paint schemes are a beauty. They add to the lure's allure, tricking Australian bass into thinking they've stumbled upon a tasty meal. The more realistic the lure, the better the chances of attracting a bite.

These unique features make the 6thSense Panorama a must-have for any angler targeting Australian bass. Its lifelike design, perfect plastic consistency, and realistic paint schemes not only attract bass but also ensure an exciting fishing experience.

Lure Colours That Hook Aussie Bass

When it comes to catching Australian bass, the colour of your soft plastic can make a world of difference. The 6thSense Panorama range offers a wide array of colours, but here are our  favourites that Aussie bass just can't resist:

Panorama - Pro Blue

Panorama - Pro Blue

The Pro Blue is an alluring choice, mimicking the hues of many native fish species that Australian bass love to prey on.

Panorama - Live Threadfin Shad

Panorama - Live Threadfin Shad

This colour is designed to imitate the threadfin shad. Its realistic design is sure to attract a bite.

Panorama - Gizzard Gold

Panorama Gizzard Gold

Gizzard Gold takes inspiration from the gizzard shad. This golden hue shines underwater, drawing in curious Australian bass.

While these colours have proven successful, don't be shy to experiment with your own favourite colours. After all, the aggressive Australian bass aren't picky eaters!

Rigging the 6thSense Panorama: Texas Rig vs Shaky Head Rig

If you're chasing Australian bass with the 6thSense Panorama lures, knowing how to rig them correctly could be the difference between a good day and a great one. Let's dive into two popular methods: the Texas Rig and the Shaky Head Rig.

Texas Rig

The Texas Rig is a top-notch choice for fishing in weedy conditions or around structures:

  1. Slide a bullet weight onto your line.

  2. Tie an offset worm hook or EWG hook to the line.

  3. Insert the hook point into the top of the lure, then back out about a quarter of the way down.

  4. Rotate the hook and insert it into the body of the lure for a weedless presentation.

Pro tip: Insert a glass rattle into your soft plastic bait to attract and irritate the bass a bit more.

Shaky Head Rig

The Shaky Head Rig, on the other hand, is perfect for maintaining contact with the bottom:

  1. Attach your bait to the jig head by screwing it on.

  2. Cast the rig, let it sink to the bottom, then give it a good shake.

  3. Hook up, and you now have the power to clear bass from the cover.

The smaller 2.0" Panorama is ideal for the Shaky Head Rig, as its compact size mimics natural prey. The larger 2.8" Panorama works a treat with the Texas Rig, as its bigger profile attracts bass in cover.

Size Matters: The Role of Lure Size in Successful Australian Bass Finesse Fishing

When it comes to finesse fishing for Australian bass, the smaller 2.0" Panorama is a great choice. Its compact size makes it ideal for subtly attracting bass without spooking them.

The 2.8" version, on the other hand, is perfect for situations where you want to present a slightly larger target or when fishing in deeper waters. Its larger size and more pronounced movement are sure to draw the attention of any bass in the vicinity.

Prime Bass Casting Locations

When it comes to hunting the aggressive Australian bass, knowing where to cast your 6thSense Panorama soft plastic is key. Here are four prime locations to consider:


Australian bass frequently hide near structures such as fallen trees, rock piles, and undercuts in the riverbanks. They also favor shady areas or spots with overhanging vegetation. Casting your line towards these areas can significantly improve your chances of landing a bass.

Dam Walls

Dam walls are another favored spot, especially those with deep water. Bass often gather here, so using soft plastics like the 6thSense Panorama could prove to be fruitful.

Flood Waters

During floods, bass tend to move into areas that are usually dry. Casting into these newly available zones can yield impressive results.


Estuaries provide a rich habitat for Australian bass, especially those with a mix of salt and fresh water. The 6thSense Panorama's realistic body design and fluid movement make it an ideal lure for these areas.

Remember, Australian bass are notorious for their aggressive feeding, so don't hesitate to provoke a strike!

Timing and Tactics: Fishing for Australian Bass

When it comes to reeling in the feisty Australian bass, understanding their habits is crucial. Let's dive into the best times to fish and their feeding patterns.

Peak Fishing Times for Australian Bass

While you can catch Australian bass throughout the day, the early morning and late afternoon are often the most rewarding times. These periods align with the peak feeding times for bass, making them more likely to strike your lure. The low light conditions of dawn and dusk also make bass feel safer and more inclined to feed.

Australian Bass: Opportunistic Feeders

Australian bass are opportunistic predators with a diverse diet, ranging from small fish to insects and crustaceans. They're not fussy eaters and will strike at anything that resembles their natural prey.

This makes the 6thSense Panorama soft plastic an ideal lure for targeting bass. Its realistic design and fluid movement mimic the prey items that bass naturally consume, making it a tantalizing target. To get the best results, vary your retrieve speed and add pauses to mimic injured prey.

Remember, Australian bass are known for their aggressive feeding habits, so don't be surprised if they strike hard!

Where to Buy 6th Sense Panorama in Australia

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BUY 6th Sense Panorama in Australia

The Panorama's body design is a ripper. It's not just realistic; it's incredibly lifelike, mimicking the movement of natural prey in water, no matter how you use it. This is a game-changer when it comes to attracting Aussie bass

Buy 6th Sense in Australia

The Final Cast: Wrapping Up

In conclusion, catching the Australian bass is a thrilling experience. Armed with your 6thSense Panorama soft plastic and knowledge of their habits, you're all set to reel in these aggressive feeders. Remember, timing is key, so head out during early morning or late afternoon for the best results. Understanding their feeding habits can also significantly enhance your chances. With these tips at your fingertips, we reckon you'll be pulling in the big ones in no time. Good luck, mate!


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